Best Signs ESPN Gameday -Wrigley

Not as Good as Last weeks signs, but a fun atmospere at Wrigley Field…The Gameday Show should have been at College Station for Nebraska Texas AM or at Stanford/Cal …here are the best signs I saw on TV , if u saw others email or post em in the comments:

•Thank God I thought this was a cubs game
•You Should Be at College Station- GO HUSKERS
•Going to Be “ONE SIDED” go NW
•I’ve Gott 99 problems – Ron Zook aint 1
•Is this the line for Harry Potter?
•The Illini Defense is Wrigley”s latest NO HITTER
•Dumbldore wears Purple
•Ron Zook: Coming soon to an unemployment office near you
•Now BOTH teams are Cursed
•Evan Watkins Slays Pussy Nightly
•R I P Wrigley East Zone
•Home Teams dont win at Wrigley

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