Daily Archives: November 13, 2010

Free picks keep on winning – On to the NFL

Another FREE winner Saturday..The Tennessee Vols extend the free pick run to 19-3-2… I also won my other early bet on Northwetsern.I cashed other bets on on Ohio State, Miami, and Oklahoma State.- also lost on Florida..but won again in the NBA on the UNDER in warriors/bucks ...On to the NFL sunday– I made several strong bets early this week..and a couple games still have not moved from the betting numbers -YET, but they will as money comes in Sunday..Including the sunday Night game Patriots-Steelers

here is this weeks Podcast i did with Toby Knapp of Wash DC’s HOT 99 FM, we look at some NFL games for his Football Pool, + Free pick I bet this week : http://bit.ly/9UKDJH


Best signs at ESPN College Gameday- Columbus

Gameday in Columbus Ohio for the UNEVENTFUL wipe out Ohio state will put on Penn State…Oh yah, they could have been at Georgia-Auburn…or South carolina- Florida—or San Diego State -TCU… but Herbie has to have obligatory time at Ohio State…some good signs , WHY no Red-0ut ? or Grey out? or a VEST OUT-not really a big game is it, unless u are Buckeyes waiting for a miracle loss out west…here are the best signs I saw on TV , if u saw others email or post em in the comments:

•Le Bron SUCK THESE (nuts)
•Auburn Paid Me $200K to hold this sign
•OUR Quarterback plays for FREE
•The Lion Sleeps tonight
•Hey Joe Pa! What were dinosaurs like?
•Congrats MR 400- Years old
•Joe Pa All senior citizens should have LIFE ALERT +
•Mom Send Undies
•Nature Abhores a Vacuum-but not as cats do
•God Said “let there be light” Joe Pa pulled the switch
•What do Ellen Tressel and Ann Arbor have in common?
•Auburn is Pooting in thier JORTS
•Joe Pa its time to take your skills to south beach with Le Bron
•Corso Can you teach me to Dougie?
•Pryor Takes CELL tech