Best Signs at ESPN Gameday- Wisconsin

BIG turnout in Madison for the gameday show..some observations…lots of Terrelle Pryor signs..only ONE proposal for Erin Andrews…the Brett Favre sign was the best..and what was Holly Rowe doing wearing a Tight , black leather outfit…sorry holly u cant pull that off,…here are the best signs I saw on TV..if u saw others, send em in the comments or email

•Favre- Send me Pics
•OHI-Woes: Lebron James;Roy Halladay;John Clay
•Can you Smell what Buccky is Cookin?
•STUD? Kirk?
•Hey Kirk Herbstiet- Remember 1992?
•Hey Corso- Teach me how to Bucky
•Terrelle Cant Read
•Ohio State plays like Betty White
•Scott Rice is Bucky
•What the Hell is a Buckeye?


One response to “Best Signs at ESPN Gameday- Wisconsin

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