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SPOOKY weekend in Football !

Another FREE winner Friday night-  with the Hornets in the NBA. The NBA bets are now 10-3 to start seasion.. .On to football today and Sunday.. I had some nice wins on Saturday with the Iowa Game, Texas A&M,stanford, auburn, UCLA, Ohio State and a few others.. I lost on USC  and in an  OT crusher w/ Georgia…coming Sunday …One of the BEST bets in the NFL of the whole season … + FREE pick- let me know if u need it–

BEST signs at ESPN Gameday in Los Angeles

“PARTY Like There ‘s No Post Season!” According to Chris Fowler ” several signs confiscated”–EASILY some of the  best signs of the YEAR so far.. always good ones on the west coast where the MOST intelligent and Creative students are … of course that damn Wazzu flag hasnt been burned yet..but thier defence has each week.. DEsmond Howard in “White Face” was greathere are the best signs I saw on TV , if u saw others email or post em in the comments:

•Even PETA hates the Ducks
•He’s Climbing in Your windows ! He’s snatching yo laptops up!
•Herbies Eyebrows ATTACK in SPACE
•Ducky stole my laptop
•USC_ if you cant beat em – sanction em
•You cant Sanction GAMEDAY
•Bowls are for Salad
•They may be Ducks, but weh’ve got the BILL$
•Look Ma Im all Ducked up on Quack
•Gumby Traded POKEY for Traveler
•The Ducks wear Halloween costumes Year round
•Wade Boggs once drank 64 beers on cross country flight – FIGHT ON
•IM wearing Lou Holtz’s Dentures
•CHIP kelly wears FUBU

NBA BIG $ bets Start Tue. and Wed.

Free winners in the NBA this week, as we build the bankroll for the football games this week..although I did make some EARLY bets for the football schedule Saturday and the line is off by several points and I will be texting a FREE pick in the NFL Tue or Wed, .

While the line-makers are busy with football, professional bettors like myself and others will be ahead of the books for the first few weeks of the NBA.. Last season in NOV 2009 my basketball bets went 47-17, and in ’08 they went 40-8…to start the key to getting ahead on basketball is to jump on the bad lines early and get a head start..

NFL week 7- Make a Gameplan to win BIG

Another Fee winner for NFL sunday – I texted out earlier this week.After Thursday’s win with Oregon–Saturday started off great with a nice win on NAVY +points winning big time over Notre Dame..I lost my bet on Iowa..what happened to thier defence? while Free picks are now 9-2-1 last 12 after the Push on LSU +7 sat….late games I had wins on Alabama, Hawaii, Over in UTEP, Miami, Arizona ..but LOST on the Baylor game getting back doored late-OUCH!

AND I won tonite on GIANTS to get to WS vs TEXAS, winning BOTH NLCS and ALCS, now MLB bets 15-1 in OCT

Best signs at ESPN College Gameday in Missouri

Gameday in Columbia – First time for Mizzou.. they did a good job…all college Students: we get it EVERYONE has Bieber FEVER…its getting old…-ENOUGH..same with Pajama references…come on now…will someone in Columbia tell me what HARPOS is ? here are the best signs I saw on TV , if u saw others send em in or post in the comments

•Smoke EM Like Don Draper
•Stoops I Crapped My Pants
•OU cant eat their Wheaties- They Lost Thier BOWLS
•Tigers OU a Beatin
•Bob Stoops uses Shake weights
•HUNGRY for a SMITH sandwich?
•Every Sooner Pees Sitting down
•I skipped the ACT for this
•Mizzou Dry Cleaning – we’ll pick up your LANDRY- ONE SACK at a time
•The SOONER #! falls the better
•Landry JOnes watches the WNBA
•Demarco Murray works out @CURVES
•If I made as much as STOOPS , I could afford a better sign

College Football this week- make the Sharp Move!

The free picks win streak on a 10-2 run  and 5th in a row after  Wed nites win in the NBA..its only pre season but only a few days from away from tip off- more on that later..THIS week in College Football we have several play off games- yes – Play-Offs – for all intents and purposes.. Thursday nights UCLA-Oregon game is a play off game for Oregon. same with Wisconsin-Iowa, LSU-Auburn and Oklahoma-Missouri.. I made several bets earlier this week in College Football..and texted out one of em for FREE..I will post it here Gameday..

Here is this weeks podcast where I spoke w/ WUOG FM’s  James Carr about this weeks #sec tackle football games sat :

OH yeah, I Forgot..Baseball bets are 12-1 in October

I have Vision and the rest of the world is wearing bifocals..–Just like the NBA post Season , I always get even better at finding winning bets in the play _offs, I am the new ” Mr October” in MLB. Monday Night I cashed in TWO bets on the  Rangers /Yankees game.. if you need help in Baseball Betting contact me ..all my baseball bets are free if you are on Football List for 2010.

I spent a good portion of the day Monday- getting on some GOOD bets in NCAA and NFL for this week, getting some good numbers EARLY..I will text out a FREE pick for this weekend..if your on the Text list.. OREGON is -24 vs UCLA Thursday.. ...I do have a good bet on this me if u need itas the PAC 10 is one conference I do really well in . going 4-1 past 2 weeks….

I Will Send More Juicy Texts For NFL week 6

If u listened to the podcast I did Thursday with WUOG..u got the free pick on Auburn who wiped out Arkansas..also The first bet I made last sunday night was USC Trojans over Cal..and I texted it right away as a free pick for everyone on the list.. I was sure the line would go from -2 to -3 or 4 or more..but it never did..and an easy win.. One game line that was WAY OFF was Colorado State laying ONLY 3 against a terrible UNLV bet of the day for those who called me..also won with an underdog bet on  Oklahoma state  and  Army+7 . My only bad loss during the day saturday was on the OVER in the navy game..

Best Signs at ESPN Gameday- Wisconsin

BIG turnout in Madison for the gameday show..some observations…lots of Terrelle Pryor signs..only ONE proposal for Erin Andrews…the Brett Favre sign was the best..and what was Holly Rowe doing wearing a Tight , black leather outfit…sorry holly u cant pull that off,…here are the best signs I saw on TV..if u saw others, send em in the comments or email

•Favre- Send me Pics
•OHI-Woes: Lebron James;Roy Halladay;John Clay
•Can you Smell what Buccky is Cookin?
•STUD? Kirk?
•Hey Kirk Herbstiet- Remember 1992?
•Hey Corso- Teach me how to Bucky
•Terrelle Cant Read
•Ohio State plays like Betty White
•Scott Rice is Bucky
•What the Hell is a Buckeye?

Have A Cigar- some REALLY Good Bets this SAT

Monday the FREE pick on the Giants cashed over the they advance to the NLCS-in Baseball Play Offs ..My Baseball bets in October are on an 8-1 run! More  are coming as FREE PICKS are 70% in 2010..Monday I spent a good portion of the day meeting with other big bettors in Vegas and  getting on some good opening numbers for this week  in NCAA football..One game I bet for Saturday has a betting line off by at least 6 points, posssibly more..I expect the line to JUMP in the next few days…I did text out a FREE pick already for saturday , for those on the free picks list..