Best Signs at ESPN Gameday-Auburn

FIRST of all, why the hell is ESPN at Auburn ? when the the ONLY game with TWO TOP 25 teams is in Tucson w/ Iowa-

THREE straight weeks in the south- i will BET its FOUR when they go to ARKANSAS next week.. They HATE the WEST.. ( East Coast Bias of course!!) Signs werent that creative this week, mostly Newton References..not much in terms of politics ofr pop culture..
here are some of the best signs i saw…if u have more post em in the comments

•Our Tigers eat your tigers for breakfast
•Newtons 2nd law : Force=ME
•Nick Fairley is the reason Waldo is Hiding
•Clemson Steals Campus Landmarks
•You Cant Define Newton’s Law
•Dr LOU you have changed my life
•Saban Grey Shirted my other sign
•ACC Almost Competent Conference
•Newtons Law: A 6’6″ 250 Body in motion stays in Motion


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