BEST signs seen on ESPN college Gameday- Alabama/9-11

REALLY good Turnout in Tuscaloosa Saturday..very impresed..How did the Erin Andrews sign slip past the gates and get on TV ? hats off to that guy.. COME ON MAN ? TWO wazzu flags ? that’s more than the number of wins they have in 2 years..I looved all the JoePa references to his age…here is the best I SAW..if u have others post em in the comments

  • JoePa is OLDER than LARRY KING…Seriously
  • ERIN (andrews) stop Calling me!
  • HEY JOE- NASA called..they need thos elenses back on the HUBBLE
  • Alabama Eye Chart ( see photo below)
  • JoePa is #1- OOPS! thats his Social Security Number
  • JoePa has Beiber Fever
  • R I P Wesley  Σ A E  Warreneaster
  • Hey Mom Please Send  $$
  • Free BETTY ( white)  ! we Love you
  • Hey BossMan , im sick and will not be at work, ive got bama Fever Roll Tide Roll
  • JoPa wears saban Underwear
  • Cam Newton stole my other sign
  • DEREK is MOYE bueno
  • Herbie – AUBUMS win the west? C’MON MAN !
  • At some places they PLAY football, at Alabama we live it
  • Our Tutor made this sign


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