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College Football Play Offs this Week!

More Free winners this week! Last week I gave out TWO Free wins in College Football..who says there isnt a Play Off in College Football? This week IS A PLAYOFF in Pac 10 with Stanford at Oregon, SEC=Florida at Alabama, BIG 12 Texas-Oklahoma, BIG 10 Wisconsin at Michigan state- ALL PLAY off games!.. + I made early bets in the NFL for sunday , getting early numbers in Vegas.

this weeks #SEC podcast is up with WUOG’s James carr + picks for sat 3-1 in the SEC on podcast picks

Nice win by DA Bears On Monday !

Excellent ending to the week Monday with bears winnning outright over Packers…But On to this week, with several BIG matchups in College Football. Big money bettors were on the vegas Stripo Monday snagging opening lines and i was one of em, as usual…Actually some bettors in Vegas have bets that were made with opening numbers over the summer.. UNLV was -7 now +21 vs Nevada…Boston College was -3 NOW +3 vs Notre Dame..Im jumping on several TOTALS in College Football when they are posted TUES.. and Probably a FREE pick I will text if your on the list…

Monday Night Football Winner

BIG winner for Monday..I split my bets on Sunday Night with a win on the over , but came up short with the free pick on the Dolphins..BUt a Profitable day overall after the easy win on Seahawks earlier…Monday night is a classic with the Bears hosting the Packers .. over the last couple years they have some very close games and BOTH are 2-0 heading into Mondays game.. I bet this game as soon as it was posted along with other big bettors in vegas..

NFL week 3 Sunday Free pick

More Free winners for Sunday- saturday’s TWO FREE picks won on the UNDER in ALABAMA/ARK & OVER in ORE/ASUcashed easy for all..I cashed some Monster wins in Vegas from College Football.. Stanford Over Notre Dame and ARMY + points winning strait up at Duke….i took a bad loss with UTEP, but a profitable day overall..SUNDAY in the NFL I have some more really good bets I made earlier this week + a Free pick for Sunday Night I texted out earlier.. if u need it let me know..Free Picks i text to mobile phones are 69% in 2010
here is this weeks NFL podcast with WashDC’s HOT99-FM Toby Knapp for week 3 sunday info :

Best signs seen on ESPN Gameday in Boise

WOW, great turnout in Bose , given that it was 7 am there when the show aired…I dont know why there was a giant turd mascot in the crowd, or why it looked like some fans were wearing turds on their heads….and because they are playing Oregon state tonite… u KNEW there would be a “save a tree – eat a beaver ” sign.and someday Chris Fowler and Lee Corso will learn how to pronounce NEVADA .here are the best ones i saw, if u saw others email em or post em in comments…

•BSU has the biggest Johnson
•Im not impressed with Ghandi’s Body of work
•Cyanophobia : Fear of Blue
•Mark May is a Tater Hater
•Erin Save the last Dance for me
•Chuck Norris Bleeds Blue
•Dr LOU Bleeds Blue
•Sharks Dedicate a week to Doig Martin
•Blue Paint for sale
•Welcome to Mr Rogers neighborhood

Dont Get BURNED in College Football this week

More Free winners for Saturday Football + NFL week 3 – Nice win Thurs on the Miami/pitt game ..but on to this weekend !! BIG games Out west with Oregon State at Boise and Oregon at Arizona State saturday night…oh yeah there is that battle in Arkansas with Alabama..But Im looking at the games here OUT west to make some BIG money in vegas this week… This past week several other big bettors and myself hit the sportsbooks and snagged the best bets but there are couple i”m watching to bet EARLY on Saturday as the lines are still moving and they are moving in the WRONG direction..Most of the average bettors in vegas just have the WRONG perception on some games…If you need the free picks for this week let me know..

Scoring More BIG wins this week…

Another FREE Pick win on Monday Nite football…But on to this week…Monday I spent most of the day shopping the best betting lines in Vegas and talking with other big money bettors who do the same thing…3-4 games we were all on consensus on and grabbed the good numbers before they moved..Its allot easier cashing sports tickets with GOOD numbers than trying to squeak out a profit with adjusted numbers game I bet early the was off by 6 points..and I still think its a really good bet Saturday for college football plays are over 64% since the season started.. FREE picks are 69% in 2010. After Monday Night my Prime Time NFL bets are 10-4…

Here it is : this weeks SeC podcast I did w/ WUOG’s James Carr breakin down this weeks games with Vegas info ( paste into your browser)

Bet Early for Monday Night Football

MORE FREE WINNERS sunday! last weeks bets i made in NFL finished a postive 10-4…Saturday was Great day..with a HUGE win on the OVER in Alabama/Duke and won BOTH bets on Florida/tennessee BUT clearly I was wrong on Washington vs Nebraska…BUt cashed on the Total in Texas/TexasTech, pushed on the Michigan State game..won on San diego state, lost on Rice.

I have Good bet for Sunday in the NFL, and really good bet for MOnday Night Football…

Best Signs at ESPN Gameday-Auburn

FIRST of all, why the hell is ESPN at Auburn ? when the the ONLY game with TWO TOP 25 teams is in Tucson w/ Iowa-

THREE straight weeks in the south- i will BET its FOUR when they go to ARKANSAS next week.. They HATE the WEST.. ( East Coast Bias of course!!) Signs werent that creative this week, mostly Newton References..not much in terms of politics ofr pop culture..
here are some of the best signs i saw…if u have more post em in the comments

•Our Tigers eat your tigers for breakfast
•Newtons 2nd law : Force=ME
•Nick Fairley is the reason Waldo is Hiding
•Clemson Steals Campus Landmarks
•You Cant Define Newton’s Law
•Dr LOU you have changed my life
•Saban Grey Shirted my other sign
•ACC Almost Competent Conference
•Newtons Law: A 6’6″ 250 Body in motion stays in Motion

Big Games in College Football This week

More Free picks this week ! I wont leave you stranded.. after the last two winning weeks, im ready to keep it going…14-5 ATS  in NCAA last week Free picks  69% in 2010…