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Free picks go 3-0 in Pre season-69% in August

More Free winners as I STILL own sun nite and Mon Nite Football-now 5-1, after the BRONCOS won straight up sunday night-which I posted here for Free and texted out last friday. College Football week 1 starts this week..I have several Big bets i made in Vegas for the SEC and other games THU-Labor Day if u want em NOW – email me or Call.  And Lets see those Football Jesus Signs on TV this week…

At the end of AUGUST…im ready for the home stretch…STILL in 1st place in the ViewfromVegas baseball handicap contest +over 8000  units .

College Football is about 1 week away! $$

I want everyone to win– that’s why I post FREE winners here all year long…If u bet $300 on every FREE pick I have posted in 2010-you have profited over $22,000 this year- time to upgrade to all best bets I make in vegas for football season…More this week for week 3 in NFL pre season the so called “dress rehearsal” for the regular season as almost no starters will play in the final week of summer..CFL bets are 19-7, so far u can catch the podcast with for this weeks info-

I still Own Sunday and Monday Night Football

Another FREE winner Sunday Night as 49ers cover the 2.5 start to finish— thats 3-0 on “Money games” Sunday and Monday Night so far in 2010—as my bets always dominate in the BIG games …I already bet the Monday Night game – Call me if u need it–

Make YOUR decision for NFL 2010

More Free winners in NFL Pre season this week.. I STILL own Monday Night Football.. I bet the Giants +3 over the Jets Monday and they won straight up..betting NFL X games is just KNOWING whos going to play, and whos back-ups are better than the other guys. Also I have to factor in Coaching angles or regional “rivalrys” that may add more motivation.  CFL is 18-7 this season ATS,  For CFL check out ths week’s Podcast I did with,,

Early Predictions for this Fall’s Contests?

MORE FREE winners! I gave you the Bengals to cover over the Broncos for free..bringing  Free Picks in August to 5-2, which is about usual..I cant win em all..another good game MONDAY night with Giants/Jets I already bet…but an even better NFL pre season Mismatch on Thursday and Saturday...

NFL Pre-Season Bets ROLL ON in Vegas

MORE Football winners thursday including the Panthers +5.5 , sqeaking a cover past the Ravens bringing this seasons Football bets to 18-6…+ free picks in MLB this weekend..still 69 % in 2010….but thats  small potatoes..the BEST BETS in football go Friday , SAT and Sunday… in NFL and CFL . 3 more weeks left of 3 days specials – FRI-SAT-SUN best bets I make in vegas MLB-CFL-NFL, or get the Pre season NFL special – call me for details; 702-498-4377. 

Football Bets go to 17-6- Cowboys WIN!

Another Free winner Sunday in MLB, + I cashed my First NFL bet on the season with Dallas winning outright easily as a 3 pt dog. NFL pre- season and MLB is a good way to WIN $ and PAD your bankroll for September..But without the right information on whats going on in vegas, from someone who lives here, you can be in trouble – FAST. Dont make mistatkes, Upgrade this season to the best bets i make in Vegas-and speak with me directly as often as you want.. I have more  good bets in NFL and CFL this week…

NFL Pre Season Football Arrives!

More Free winners this season!  2010 NFL picks for Pre Season begin this week, so far by best bets in Vegas are 16-5 in football ( CFL), with more on the way this week…Hall Of Fame Game goes Sunday, followed by a full slate of pre season games 4 days later and all thru August..I also have a BIG $ bet in CFL this Friday and Saturday…off 3-0 last week…