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Football Bets Rolling in 2010 – are You Ready?

CFL picks for week 5– Best bet on thursday was the UNDER 53, which i cashed in Vegas…1-0 to start week, now 14-5 on the season…BIG game going Friday Night as Edmonton tries for its FIRST win vs the BC Lions, Vegas opened this game a PK em but some early $ has moved the Eskimos to -1 in some books with a  total of 55. I also have a BIG bet for Saturday in CFL..I made a couple more bets in the NFL for week 1, getting the good numbers now, thats what pro Bettors do is get the BEST numbers ..if u get the RIGHT number you can win about 5% MORE each year…

CFL week 5: Best Bets now 13-5 in 2010

CFL picks for week 5– I’m looking at TWO big games this week, as the early numbers seem to be OVER adjusted again from what we saw in week 4. Edmonton is STILL winless and Calgary is 3-1, but I still don’t belive they are as good as their record..The game on NFL network between Hamilton and Saskatchewan seems to be the best bet on the Board.. check out ths week’s Podcast i did with,

CFL run is now at 13-3. FRI: BC Lions at Argos

CFL picks for week 4 already at 1-0 after Thursday’s big time win on  Montreal -7  trounced the TigerCats..37-14..I told everyone that line was way off and the big money bettors were all over the Alouettes in Vegas including me .. I have another BIG money bet going SAT in the now is the time to get on the Football List for 2010..

Cashing in on UNDERs in week 3 CFL

Big Bettors in vegas cashed more winners this week in Canadian the DEFENSE showed up this week, Friday night I cashed in BIG on the UNDER in Montreal/BCLions making this week 3-0 and 12-3 on the season..Bookmakers Overadjusted as the 1st 2 weeks saw mostly high scores..and the Joes in vegas kept taking opvers this wee…but not the smart bettors…check out this weeks podcast on, to get more info for what to expect in week 4, and where the big money is likely to be placed in CFL..I have a big bet Thursday in Montreal and SAT .. so get on em!

CFL bets at 9-3 in 2010- on to week 3

CFL picks for week 3  –best bet this week is on the Winnipeg -Hamilton game Friday shore betting lines are way off on this game..I think its off by 4 points in my opinion…but I will have a big time bet on that game or the BC-Montreal game-EH?  CFL has been profitable so far at 75% after 2 weeks..

CFL week 1 goes 6-1 ATS, Now on to WEEK 2

CFL picks for WEEK 2 look really good as the line makers  have made a couple OVER adjustments from what we all saw in week 1..Including a Big time winner Sunday night with BC Lions + the points getting me an easy winner in Vegas..One game this week has a point spread that is OFF by more than  “rouge” in fact i think the line is off by a Touchdown…so i will bet that one bigger. If you want to know what i”m betting , just let me know –you can get on the text list..