Winning the Finals in Style

MORE Free Winners! I wrapped up the 2009/2010 Basketball Season by almost SWEEPING the NBA Finals, and I gave out the Lakers to win SERIES- TWICE , once before series started -170, and also after 5 games – Lakers -115. I cashed em both, went 11-2 -1 in the Finals, and 69 % ATS  in the Playoffs..series bets went 9-2..everyone who followed me made money, and we did MAKE MONEY..

Baseball bets will continue in June and July, along with CFL, and Arena Football bets,I offer all FREE picks by text message directly to your phone…I will be back making semi weekly posts on this blog… when FOOTBALL season starts BUT I make BIG money bets each day in VEGAS—you can get em…-…if you are SERIOUS about winning–you will GET all my daily sportsbook reports , info and inside moves…+EVERY BIG money bet I make in Vegas ..


One response to “Winning the Finals in Style

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