I Own the Super Bowl Again!

BIG WINNING DAY on the Super Sunday.-MORE FREE winners Sunday!…if you followed the FREE picks for SUNDAY you went 10-5 ! And won HUGE like I did on the super bowl and NBA:.. here are THE FREE wins I gave you on Super Bowl Sunday:

Orlando Over Boston WIN

Colts moneyline Loss

Colts first half-3 WIN

Saints commit most turnovers LOSS

Shockey less than 35.5 recd yds WIN

Both teams will not have FG of over 33 yards Loss

COLTS will make  have shortest TD.. WIN

Total yards for Saints – I bet OVER 379...WIN

 MORE points scored in the 2nd half than the first half… WIN

longest FG in the game will be UNDER 43.5 yards LOSS

Saints WILL have the lead in the second half..WIN

Saints will Commit the Most Penalties, LOSS

either team to have Three straight scores- YES WIN

No overtime WIN

Drew Brees to win MVP 3-1 odds, WIN

If you followed YOU won ! I Cashed in  a bunch Sunday , some will cash in on Monday.More wins coming on all month long in Basketball…


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