Super Sunday is Here!

TWO free winners on Saturday! I gave you Cal over UCLA and Illinois over Mich state.. it was the only thing keeping me from jonesing till till Sunday…overall a 4-1 day in hoops.. but I couldnt bet MORE as as I have so much Money invested in the Super Bowl..with ober 2o bets on the BIG GAME, aside from the winning side, which I like the COLTS, whom I told u bet 2 weeks ago..I may have a couple bets in the NBA Sunday but REALLY the BEST bets are on  Super Bowl XLIV…as Of sat night, the books are staying at the flat Number of 5 or 5.5, because no matter  what they KNOW the biggest bets are on the COLTS moneyline, and they WONT moive the line to 7 , beacuse THEY know BIG bettors like me will take it, and try and MIDDLE, so they will leave it  , and Guys like me will stay with COLTS to Just win. Free play in Basketball Sunday: Orl Magic + points over Boston. and you should have all the NUMOROUS free SB44 plays  have posted here and on Twitter, and on the podcast, if you REALLY need help, call me directly…


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