Reserve your wins for Super Sunday

The countdown to sunday continues, and Football will be done for 7 months…so far in Vegas the line is staying at 5 and the total is 57….while the action is mostly SPLIT about 60/40 on the Colts/Saints, most bettors in Vegas are parlaying EITHER with the OVER. I have not made any bets on the TOTAL, I may  sunday, But not yet.. The Saints would have a better chance to win the game outright if it were played out west…the last TWO times the underdog actually WON the Super Bowl, was in Arizona, and San Diego.. and 3 out of the last 4 DOG winners were out west.. Must be something with the late starts..But if you do like the SAINTS to actually win, dont bet the Money line , its only +175 or LESS… but if they do win Drew Brees will likely be the MVP, so better to bet Brees wins MVP +300( 3 to 1), is a much better pay For other Prop bets:  I bet there will be THREE straight scores by One team  in Super Bowl XLIV..

Free Pick Friday!  Free ones 8-3-1 this week,  in the NBA tonite:  Im betting  the OVER in the Pistons/Pacers game , and I bet the CHI Bulls + points over ATL., and Over in the Lakers college I bet Montana over Weber.


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