20-20-24 Hours to go… I want to be Sedated..!

More Free winners on the Podcast…The only thing keeping me AWAKE for the next 24 hours is the  HUGE basketball schedule for saturday…My focus all week has been on Super Bowl XLIV, I have SEVERAL bets on the game ..but we have GREAT games going Saturday out west in the Pac 10, MWC and other game s… that i will have to bet some of them….Iif you listened to the radio spot I did with Toby Knapp in DC, you got great information, and not just that before a snow storm u need to stock up on booze and snacks for Sunday..LISTEN HERE: , http://bit.ly/5PrnpF .I gave out plenty of Free picks for the Big game Sunday , including NO OVERTIME which I bet every year and win..YES  you have to lay out some cash, but REALLY whats the big deal giving the book a few thousand for a few hours, when u will collect 10% return by the end of the day..as for saturday I have some good FREE plays for in College Basketball and the NBA…FREE pick for saturday in NCAA: Illinois+ points over Mich State.


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