Super Bowl Media Day

More Free winners! I gave you TWO free winners on Tuesday night, keeping the Free win streak going …I spent most of the day gathering more Super Bowl Information…including watching media Day , getting some insight as to how this game will play out Sunday..I put out a Free Prop bet on twitter that I made as well…hereis another Free prop  bet I made..Total yards for Saints – I bet OVER 379...who I belive will move the football, But not Outscore the COLTS… I doubt I will bet the TOTAL points in this game , but I do think there will be MORE points scored in the 2nd half than the first half…AND I bet the longest FG in the game will be UNDER 43.5 yards- which i also bet last year, and cashed.. . As I said before STAY away from betting any Propositions that offer BIG odds, like 7-1, 12-1 , longshots on who will score first TD…your not likely to cash those, try and find bets that will be active most of the game …or at least have a 50/50 chance …or close to it…so far I’m staying with My money line on the Colts I posted 10 days ago…..I think the saints have proved their point, and will have no shame if they come up short against a Colts team that has won every game they have tried to win..Underdogs have only WON outright 4 times out of the last 18 super bowls.More Free picks later this week, tonite in the NBA the free pick is on the OVER in the Wizards/Knicks game..Free picks have cashed 8 , lost 1 and pushed once in the last 10 bets..


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