Super Prop bets for the Super Bowl

Another FREE winner MON night in the NBA, 4th win in a row, and free picks are smokin again..I made SEVERAL prop bets on the Super Bowl monday,I will get to those in a bit.. Dwight Freeney dominated the story starved media , and I honestly dont think it will matter, he wasnt 100% in the last game and his back up played well…My sources tell me he will play anyway and it wont effect the many bets I will have by Super Sunday…I think the Saints will have some problems winning the game outright , they may come close, but I would want at least 7 points in this game if I were to bet New Orleans…Remember the Saints will have NO shame if they lose this game..and have earned respect already..this will be on their minds all week in Miami. Cant wait for Media Day TUESDAY!

More Free basketball Picks on Tuesday… with some good west coast matchups…Free pick for the Super Bowl:  Jeremy Shockey to have UNDER 35.5 yards in Super Bowl XLIV


4 responses to “Super Prop bets for the Super Bowl

  1. Looks like 3 free prop bets so far counting twitter…..or am I missing some?

    • yes you are missing some , in addition giving u the colts on the moneyline, i have posted
      Colts first half-3
      Saints commit most turnovers
      Shockey less than 35.5 rec yds
      Both teams will not have FG of over 33 yards
      COLTS will make have shortest TD..

    • you should just get on the mailing list, or u have to pay close attn, i over 20 prop bets on the super bowl so far

  2. ok…thanks!!! I do follow on twitter and just signed up on here too

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