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Basketball List will be FINALIZED for March

More Free winners ! now 6 in a row…I’m not a sports service, so I don’t have unlimited space for those who want to win.. there is time to get on the best bet list for March Madness Basketball, and you can get on the Free picks list..but you must do it by March 1. Dont get caught watching the paint dry.

Get FREE Picks TEXTED directly to you each day

NEVER MISS a Free pick again! Due to popular Demand..Free picks will be now be texted Directly to you beginning on February 16. send an email  with your Mobile number, and I will get you the details..Now you can get the BEST lines on the Free PICKS each day EARLY in basketball and later baseball…. in 2009 free picks finished over 68 %  ATS. Archive POSTED picks 2009

It was  a LONG football season, and I finished over 64% ATS , including a winning super Sunday.., again…over the course of this past season, I won 17 weeks, and lost 4 weeks..some weeks were about .500..but over the past 3 seasons combined in football now, the overall record on my bets is 66% ATS…now ON to Basketball

Basketball is very time-consuming if you want to win..I have to get information from many casino sportsbooks and other big money make the BEST bets each day.I  dont have time to update the website or twitter as often but I will try once in a while to chime in.

I still have a list of serious bettors who like speaking with me directly, and getting the BEST bets I Make personally from the Vegas strip each day,…last season in basketball was 252–115 -2  ATS, including a SWEEP of the final four and the  BIG sweet 16 weekend..I owned the Pac 10 and west coast plays, but did have a disappointing opening week in the NCAA tournament-that wont happen this year.  in 2008/09  my bets finished 69% , 63% the season before that, in the long run , I can help u win..but there are win streaks and setbacks during the course of a far the is year, 159-119-6..and counting .. serious bettors are welcome to contact me .. Im not a sports service – but you will win.

I Own the Super Bowl Again!

BIG WINNING DAY on the Super Sunday.-MORE FREE winners Sunday!…if you followed the FREE picks for SUNDAY you went 10-5 ! And won HUGE like I did on the super bowl and NBA:.. here are THE FREE wins I gave you on Super Bowl Sunday:

Orlando Over Boston WIN

Colts moneyline Loss

Colts first half-3 WIN

Saints commit most turnovers LOSS

Shockey less than 35.5 recd yds WIN

Both teams will not have FG of over 33 yards Loss

COLTS will make  have shortest TD.. WIN

Total yards for Saints – I bet OVER 379...WIN

 MORE points scored in the 2nd half than the first half… WIN

longest FG in the game will be UNDER 43.5 yards LOSS

Saints WILL have the lead in the second half..WIN

Saints will Commit the Most Penalties, LOSS

either team to have Three straight scores- YES WIN

No overtime WIN

Drew Brees to win MVP 3-1 odds, WIN

If you followed YOU won ! I Cashed in  a bunch Sunday , some will cash in on Monday.More wins coming on all month long in Basketball…

Super Sunday is Here!

TWO free winners on Saturday! I gave you Cal over UCLA and Illinois over Mich state.. it was the only thing keeping me from jonesing till till Sunday…overall a 4-1 day in hoops.. but I couldnt bet MORE as as I have so much Money invested in the Super Bowl..with ober 2o bets on the BIG GAME, aside from the winning side, which I like the COLTS, whom I told u bet 2 weeks ago..I may have a couple bets in the NBA Sunday but REALLY the BEST bets are on  Super Bowl XLIV…as Of sat night, the books are staying at the flat Number of 5 or 5.5, because no matter  what they KNOW the biggest bets are on the COLTS moneyline, and they WONT moive the line to 7 , beacuse THEY know BIG bettors like me will take it, and try and MIDDLE, so they will leave it  , and Guys like me will stay with COLTS to Just win. Free play in Basketball Sunday: Orl Magic + points over Boston. and you should have all the NUMOROUS free SB44 plays  have posted here and on Twitter, and on the podcast, if you REALLY need help, call me directly…

20-20-24 Hours to go… I want to be Sedated..!

More Free winners on the Podcast…The only thing keeping me AWAKE for the next 24 hours is the  HUGE basketball schedule for saturday…My focus all week has been on Super Bowl XLIV, I have SEVERAL bets on the game ..but we have GREAT games going Saturday out west in the Pac 10, MWC and other game s… that i will have to bet some of them….Iif you listened to the radio spot I did with Toby Knapp in DC, you got great information, and not just that before a snow storm u need to stock up on booze and snacks for Sunday..LISTEN HERE: , .I gave out plenty of Free picks for the Big game Sunday , including NO OVERTIME which I bet every year and win..YES  you have to lay out some cash, but REALLY whats the big deal giving the book a few thousand for a few hours, when u will collect 10% return by the end of the for saturday I have some good FREE plays for in College Basketball and the NBA…FREE pick for saturday in NCAA: Illinois+ points over Mich State.

Reserve your wins for Super Sunday

The countdown to sunday continues, and Football will be done for 7 months…so far in Vegas the line is staying at 5 and the total is 57….while the action is mostly SPLIT about 60/40 on the Colts/Saints, most bettors in Vegas are parlaying EITHER with the OVER. I have not made any bets on the TOTAL, I may  sunday, But not yet.. The Saints would have a better chance to win the game outright if it were played out west…the last TWO times the underdog actually WON the Super Bowl, was in Arizona, and San Diego.. and 3 out of the last 4 DOG winners were out west.. Must be something with the late starts..But if you do like the SAINTS to actually win, dont bet the Money line , its only +175 or LESS… but if they do win Drew Brees will likely be the MVP, so better to bet Brees wins MVP +300( 3 to 1), is a much better pay For other Prop bets:  I bet there will be THREE straight scores by One team  in Super Bowl XLIV..

Free Pick Friday!  Free ones 8-3-1 this week,  in the NBA tonite:  Im betting  the OVER in the Pistons/Pacers game , and I bet the CHI Bulls + points over ATL., and Over in the Lakers college I bet Montana over Weber.

Keep an EYE on the Saints Plus points

As I said about 10 days ago..the line on  Super Bowl XLIV was opened short, and big bettors like me jumped on the -4 ..and the Colts Moneyline, to win strait up..But I also said that if the line creeps up high enough , the Saints may have  a chance to stay close , so start keeping an eye on that betting line  and see if it get to + 7, then you may see guys like me taking back some money on em…I did make some proposition bets on the Saints, One of em is that Saints WILL have the lead in the second half..I also belive the Saints will Commit the Most Penalties, and bet this in Vegas.

Super Bowl Media Day

More Free winners! I gave you TWO free winners on Tuesday night, keeping the Free win streak going …I spent most of the day gathering more Super Bowl Information…including watching media Day , getting some insight as to how this game will play out Sunday..I put out a Free Prop bet on twitter that I made as well…hereis another Free prop  bet I made..Total yards for Saints – I bet OVER 379...who I belive will move the football, But not Outscore the COLTS… I doubt I will bet the TOTAL points in this game , but I do think there will be MORE points scored in the 2nd half than the first half…AND I bet the longest FG in the game will be UNDER 43.5 yards- which i also bet last year, and cashed.. . As I said before STAY away from betting any Propositions that offer BIG odds, like 7-1, 12-1 , longshots on who will score first TD…your not likely to cash those, try and find bets that will be active most of the game …or at least have a 50/50 chance …or close to it…so far I’m staying with My money line on the Colts I posted 10 days ago…..I think the saints have proved their point, and will have no shame if they come up short against a Colts team that has won every game they have tried to win..Underdogs have only WON outright 4 times out of the last 18 super bowls.More Free picks later this week, tonite in the NBA the free pick is on the OVER in the Wizards/Knicks game..Free picks have cashed 8 , lost 1 and pushed once in the last 10 bets..

Super Prop bets for the Super Bowl

Another FREE winner MON night in the NBA, 4th win in a row, and free picks are smokin again..I made SEVERAL prop bets on the Super Bowl monday,I will get to those in a bit.. Dwight Freeney dominated the story starved media , and I honestly dont think it will matter, he wasnt 100% in the last game and his back up played well…My sources tell me he will play anyway and it wont effect the many bets I will have by Super Sunday…I think the Saints will have some problems winning the game outright , they may come close, but I would want at least 7 points in this game if I were to bet New Orleans…Remember the Saints will have NO shame if they lose this game..and have earned respect already..this will be on their minds all week in Miami. Cant wait for Media Day TUESDAY!

More Free basketball Picks on Tuesday… with some good west coast matchups…Free pick for the Super Bowl:  Jeremy Shockey to have UNDER 35.5 yards in Super Bowl XLIV