Daily Archives: January 31, 2010

More SUPER Bets for Super Bowl XLIV

More Free winners! Sunday I gave you a Free win on the Under in the Nuggets game..PLUS  a Free pick  win on the AFC  in the PRO BOWL…and I have another Free pick for Monday, GREAT basketball weekend going 11-1 and sat-sun..basketball is back on track.. as for the Superbowl, i really think Sean Peyton is the Better coach..but Peyton Manning is the better QB , and he is like a coach on the FIELD.   I think the Saints have  HUGE uphill battle, and really need to be focused on this game to have  20% chance to actually win it.. depending on how high the point spread gets I may take shot with em to stay close, but not actually winning the game..I will be getting more information during the week and pass it along..

Speaking of information, I’m getting some great information on the Super Bowl for this week, which will means more BIG money bets on propositions for this week…some will be FREE , some not, but I do text them to your phone if you wish..and I will talk about them on multiple podcasts this week.. so tune in..