Super Bowl Betting- Dont Bet a Bad Number!

Already this week I have been to several Vegas Sportsbooks and see more and more people betting BAD numbers. Professional bettors like me DO NOT bet Bad Numbers. EX: if you didn’t bet the COLTS -4 or LESS then DONT bet em -6 or MORE Now! YET that is what is happening- average bettors laying BAD numbers when the smart guys already bet it at the LOW number..the % of bets the books have at COLTS-4 or less is about 25% of the TOTAL  bets of the have on Joes betting the Colts at -5.5 or 6 and they will keep betting bad numbers.. If you want to bet the Colts , just bet em on the money line.. I did…because you are laying an inflated number now , when u could have laid a lower number. I will be making plenty of big money bets on propositions, not the game side or total…last year posted here and gave out FOR FREE 8 wins and only ONE loss ( my future bet on the AZ cards) – Just on the Super Bowl alone..and i will cash in BIG on this game as well, betting it all sorts of ways, and NO SUCKER bets, no LONGSHOTS,  just bet the Mistakes that are posted by the Books, for Super Sunday…and I will have more free picks going for tonite…and Friday…I did bet this Prop you can have for FREE, COLTS-3 for the First Half.

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