Super Bowl XLIV Early Moves in Vegas

I will post my super Bowl bets on the side and total  here, so far.. last night the Big bettors like me bet some money on the  THE COLTS on the Moneyline- 170But myself and other bettors EXPECT this line to get higher, possibly close to +7, by gametime..if it does then I may take back the Saints, IF the line gets High enough, otherwise I will stay with the COLTS to win it.  Thats what BIG public games like this offer us a chance to do, is take advantage of BIG line swings …and bet Big $$ on the Super Bowl Proposition Wagers..just like last year.

For Super Bowl XLIII last year, ( if you look back to last years posts on this blog) I not only won with the cards+points, but also the Steelers on the Moneyline..and several proposition bets on the game..most of em I gave for Free, posted right here. If you are a shrewd and smart bettor in Vegas you can win money on the Superbowl. But  REMEMBER that the Moneyline on the  Super Bowl is always CHEAP on the favorite and the books give out BAD odds on the Underdog, UNLESS you bet em weeks or months ago..ALSO only 4 times in the last 18 years has the UNDERDOG actually WON the game..

But until the proposition bets go up, I will still have basketball winners each day

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