Daily Archives: January 23, 2010

Another FREE winner Sat!- Here is one for NFL

More Free winners Sat, as the BIG $ bets came in ON UCLA over Wazzu, which I gave everyone FREE  on Twitter. I also gave you San Diego State + the 2.5 points  in yesterdays post..for a 2-0 on saturday…The Free picks go thru slumps about 2x a year, but they are mostly solid plays. I told u I would get you Sunday’s Pick for the AFC. Well, THIS season in the Playoffs –if you took the home teams except those facing the JETS, you are winning BIG, thats what I’m doing , taking the JETS+ points.. This JET team reminds of another  low seeded NY Giant from 2 years ago that went in played well on the road in the conf. championship…They may just stay close- but its worth shot for them to win straight up..

More BIG bets in basketball,  last year 2-0 on BOTH  afc and NFC champ. games and 2-0 with Suberbowl Side and total, always finishing the year a strong! Get the best info DIRECTLY form me..

Free picks always available each day-I do text  by BEST BETS out em directly to you if you like, OR  -Just  listen to the radio shows or podcasts and  follow me on Twitter. OR Call me or E mail me for this weeks Picks- MyFootballJesus@Yahoo.com