Daily Archives: January 19, 2010

Final Four in the NFL- I love Final Fours!

TWO FREE picks this week in the NFL Play offs…They will be out at the end of the week, ON the Radio shows I do, or by email…I really like Final Fours, the last one in March madness I went 3-0 ATS, and last year in the NFL Final Four also going 3-0  ATS.. so thats what I expect to happen this weekend..The Saints really remind of the Cardinals last year and the Seahawks of 2005– just seems like there is no stopping them at home..I am not sure whether they will cover the 4 points tho… I am getting some good information on that one..may bet the total…In the AFC championship, Payton Manning was all business last week, and will likely face the same Defence again..if the Jets are to have to chance they will have to avoid the miscues the Ravens committed last week…maybe there run has run out!

Either way there are 3 games left in the Football Season, and while I didn’t win as much as last year, this season has been VERY profitable..188-117-6  going into this week, thats +70 bets this season, if u bet only 300 on each one, u would be ahead over $17,000 this season…no matter what happens in the last 3 games, its been a good season.

In basketball, there have been several weeks where I can’t lose, and 1 or 2 here and there when there have been set backs, and i have to re adjust…NO ONE wins every day or Every week, not even me! but still a good season so far , ahead 32 games so far , with More big bets coming this week in College hoops out here on the west coast…In fact I love the San Diego State Aztecs plus the points in Utah tonite..Basketball won BIG Monday, a 4-2 day over all..