Daily Archives: January 17, 2010

Basketball, is where the Money is this time of year

More FREE wins in basketball– I gave u the Jazz + the points for a PERFECT day in basketball, with Villanova, Raptors and Jazz..but what a disaster in the NFL playoffs –even guys like me have bad days… and I KNEW I was DOOMED when 3 home fav’s won big with Chargers to go..as its unlikely the top seeds all advance..no worries im up over 70 games for the year in football. if you only bet $500 each game you made $35,000 this season in football and if u played EVERY basketball bet I made so far, your up 24 bets so far this season… Free picks SUN go 1-1, and are above .500 so far..The Free pick  for Martin Luther King Day is on Notre Dame+ the Points over Syracuse