Daily Archives: January 14, 2010

Choose Wisely for the NFL Play-Offs This weekend

MORE Free winners this week, as Thur night I gave out THREE free picks going 2-0-1, Including GONZAGA where I got EXCELLENT info from my NW sources…ANOTHER winning night with my other College Winner, 3-1 in hoops..College Basketball is on a 8-2 Run… BUT the NFL is ON the  weekend… and the BIG $ bets went 3-1 last weekend , and FRI some BIG money is going to bet on an NFL play off game by me and other bettors , u should get on it before I make my bet, line may move here in vegas..and you have to get the BEST numbers..

TOP seeds in the NFL play offs RARELY play in the Superbowl, MOST dont even make it to the Conf Championships, but 1-3 will get thru this weekend… last 3 years RESTED  #1 and # 2 seeds 3-5 straight up and WORSE ATS..so Choose Wisely…don’t listen to the JOE announcers  on TV…they just TALK..Trust REAL bettors who bet REAL $$ on these games..in vegas.. BIG Podcast Friday and it will be live on radio, with GOOD information.