More Wild Cards Sunday in the NFL

COME ON MAN !  The only wild card game I waited all week to bet was the free pick I gave u , – Bengals, it was a tough one for me to call..and it lost.. missing 2 short FG’s and basically handing the game to the Jets.. sorry.. But the Cowboys ROCK the eagles again, and win big for us!~ and Sunday I have some real good bets in the wild card games..More Free Picks for Sunday In NFL and Basketball..which I haven’t talked about much because of the Football Frenzy that we have been in since mid december…but basketball had another winning saturday, including Wisconsin over Purdue.. -and the jazz over the mavs, and the KINGs over the Nuggets


3 responses to “More Wild Cards Sunday in the NFL

  1. Come on FBJ. Bengals handing the jets the game. I have respect for your picks and what you do but do you really need to make excuses to why you lost. Why can’t you own up to it and admit you made the wrong call and lost.

  2. I read your post again and you did own up to it and apologize for the losing pick. Just ticks me the wrong way when people don’t give the jets credit when due. Good luck on your future picks.

    • what i meant was, that while the JETS definately CAME TO PLAY, the bengals had enuf talent on to win, and took themselves out of the was ahard game to pick, as i liked the way the jets had been playing

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