NFL Play Offs Are Here

Play Off Lines went up today in Las Vegas, and all the teams are SET , I have FIVE future bets I made before the season started and added one more last week, for a total of SIX, with BIG odds on some of em..The Packers WERE 18-1 , Dallas, Philly and  the Patriots I have at 11-1 each, along with the Cardinals at 11-1 , and the Chargers were 12-1 Before the season… I wish I would have had the Saints or vikings , but then again, if you look at the superbowl , #1 and #2 seeds dont reach it very often, and i think the saints are a team to possibly FADE, depending on the matchups in Rnd 2. The stats say # 5 Seeds and #6 seeds are only 2-4 the last 3 seasons , trying to get out of the wild card round.  My PRE Sesaon Super Bowl pick on the Radio was Cowboys/Chargers lets see if they get there..

I already bet one game in the WILD  CARD play offs, today…the line is OFF by at least 6 points  and as the right numbers come up this week and more information my sources ..I will have the BEST BETS for Sat and SUN. At Least we wont have to deal with the Steelers this year…WILL arizona Make it Back ? The numbers dont favor them, but never count em out. More Big Bowl bets coming Tues, Wed and the BCS Championship Thur., Plus Basketball everyday to fill our wallets.


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