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More SUPER Bets for Super Bowl XLIV

More Free winners! Sunday I gave you a Free win on the Under in the Nuggets game..PLUS  a Free pick  win on the AFC  in the PRO BOWL…and I have another Free pick for Monday, GREAT basketball weekend going 11-1 and is back on track.. as for the Superbowl, i really think Sean Peyton is the Better coach..but Peyton Manning is the better QB , and he is like a coach on the FIELD.   I think the Saints have  HUGE uphill battle, and really need to be focused on this game to have  20% chance to actually win it.. depending on how high the point spread gets I may take shot with em to stay close, but not actually winning the game..I will be getting more information during the week and pass it along..

Speaking of information, I’m getting some great information on the Super Bowl for this week, which will means more BIG money bets on propositions for this week…some will be FREE , some not, but I do text them to your phone if you wish..and I will talk about them on multiple podcasts this week.. so tune in..

Seven Days till the Super Bowl…

Another Free winner cashed SAT with Air Force winning outright over Wyoming…and a Clean SWEEP in college Basketball saturday…I also had Baylor , Georgetown, Oregon , San Francisco as outright dog winners, Kansas State came close, but covered,and I finish with another winning week in basketball..there were some losers this week, and some tough days recently with bad beats in the final minutes, but I stay with my information and come out ahead in the long run..FREE pick for Sunday in NBA – Take the the UNDER in Nuggets/Spurs.

Speaking of information, I’m getting some great information on the Super Bowl for this week, which will means more BIG money bets on propositions for this week…some will be FREE , some not, but I do text them to your phone if you wish..and I will talk about them on multiple podcasts this week.. so tune in..

Dont settle for business as Usual, make the change

Upgrade to the best information this weekend..Cashed another FREE winner Friday  with more on the way this weekend…I will make sure you get the best information this weekend and for  NEXT week’s Super Bowl XLIV. It will be an interesting game thats for sure, hard NOT to root for the Saints and their story… but did they already make their goal by just  getting to Miami?  If they lose , they can still say they had a terrific year. There hasnt been a Blow-out in the big game since 2003 when the Buccaneers walloped the SB  XXXVII, prior to that, you have to go back to 1995 and the 49ers HUGE wipe out of the Chargers in SB XXIX…so we could be DUE for another one , but the recent trend has been that the underdog has been in play well into the 4th qtr..

I will post some more prop bets i made soon, and Free pick for Sat: Air Force

Super Bowl Betting- Dont Bet a Bad Number!

Already this week I have been to several Vegas Sportsbooks and see more and more people betting BAD numbers. Professional bettors like me DO NOT bet Bad Numbers. EX: if you didn’t bet the COLTS -4 or LESS then DONT bet em -6 or MORE Now! YET that is what is happening- average bettors laying BAD numbers when the smart guys already bet it at the LOW number..the % of bets the books have at COLTS-4 or less is about 25% of the TOTAL  bets of the have on Joes betting the Colts at -5.5 or 6 and they will keep betting bad numbers.. If you want to bet the Colts , just bet em on the money line.. I did…because you are laying an inflated number now , when u could have laid a lower number. I will be making plenty of big money bets on propositions, not the game side or total…last year posted here and gave out FOR FREE 8 wins and only ONE loss ( my future bet on the AZ cards) – Just on the Super Bowl alone..and i will cash in BIG on this game as well, betting it all sorts of ways, and NO SUCKER bets, no LONGSHOTS,  just bet the Mistakes that are posted by the Books, for Super Sunday…and I will have more free picks going for tonite…and Friday…I did bet this Prop you can have for FREE, COLTS-3 for the First Half.

Super Bowl XLIV Early Moves in Vegas

I will post my super Bowl bets on the side and total  here, so far.. last night the Big bettors like me bet some money on the  THE COLTS on the Moneyline- 170But myself and other bettors EXPECT this line to get higher, possibly close to +7, by gametime..if it does then I may take back the Saints, IF the line gets High enough, otherwise I will stay with the COLTS to win it.  Thats what BIG public games like this offer us a chance to do, is take advantage of BIG line swings …and bet Big $$ on the Super Bowl Proposition Wagers..just like last year.

For Super Bowl XLIII last year, ( if you look back to last years posts on this blog) I not only won with the cards+points, but also the Steelers on the Moneyline..and several proposition bets on the game..most of em I gave for Free, posted right here. If you are a shrewd and smart bettor in Vegas you can win money on the Superbowl. But  REMEMBER that the Moneyline on the  Super Bowl is always CHEAP on the favorite and the books give out BAD odds on the Underdog, UNLESS you bet em weeks or months ago..ALSO only 4 times in the last 18 years has the UNDERDOG actually WON the game..

But until the proposition bets go up, I will still have basketball winners each day

Great Games Sunday- had a fun time watching em!

The  FREE bets  on Sunday-PUSH and lose…, on sunday. I bet the Saints -3 last thurs at the M, and they pushed , while the Jets  came close but didnt cover in Vegas, But i did win my other play on the OVER in the jets game, for a 1-1-1 day.

Another FREE winner Sat!- Here is one for NFL

More Free winners Sat, as the BIG $ bets came in ON UCLA over Wazzu, which I gave everyone FREE  on Twitter. I also gave you San Diego State + the 2.5 points  in yesterdays post..for a 2-0 on saturday…The Free picks go thru slumps about 2x a year, but they are mostly solid plays. I told u I would get you Sunday’s Pick for the AFC. Well, THIS season in the Playoffs –if you took the home teams except those facing the JETS, you are winning BIG, thats what I’m doing , taking the JETS+ points.. This JET team reminds of another  low seeded NY Giant from 2 years ago that went in played well on the road in the conf. championship…They may just stay close- but its worth shot for them to win straight up..

More BIG bets in basketball,  last year 2-0 on BOTH  afc and NFC champ. games and 2-0 with Suberbowl Side and total, always finishing the year a strong! Get the best info DIRECTLY form me..

Free picks always available each day-I do text  by BEST BETS out em directly to you if you like, OR  -Just  listen to the radio shows or podcasts and  follow me on Twitter. OR Call me or E mail me for this weeks Picks-

Free Pick for Football Sun and Hoops Saturday

FREE picks for the NFL Conf Champ’ games…If you listened to the Radio spot i did with DC’s HOT 99.5 FM Toby Knapp, Friday, u got the Free pick on the Saints over the Vikings- listen here if you missed it – . I will have  a Free pick for the AFC game between the Jets/Colts  by game time Sunday…OR call me for the best bets and Free Pick EARLY, last year I won em both and will do it again SUNDAY! Free pick for College basketball Sat:  San Diego State Aztecs + the points

Basketball Picks are also Burning up the Books..

AS I have said, I AM NOT a sports SERVICE but I want serious bettors to WIN, so everyone who emails gets a FREE play everyday during basketball season..I cant give out the BEST ones , but most will win over the long run.. This weekend is NO diffferent, as the BIGGEST games I will bet in vegas are in the NFL playoffs—and West coast college teams in the PAC, WCC,WAC, MWC and Big West.. + NBA, and FREE picks on BOTH NFL Conference Championships this week. I make a living betting sports, and will always tell you where the smart  money guys like em are betting..

Final Four in the NFL- I love Final Fours!

TWO FREE picks this week in the NFL Play offs…They will be out at the end of the week, ON the Radio shows I do, or by email…I really like Final Fours, the last one in March madness I went 3-0 ATS, and last year in the NFL Final Four also going 3-0  ATS.. so thats what I expect to happen this weekend..The Saints really remind of the Cardinals last year and the Seahawks of 2005– just seems like there is no stopping them at home..I am not sure whether they will cover the 4 points tho… I am getting some good information on that one..may bet the total…In the AFC championship, Payton Manning was all business last week, and will likely face the same Defence again..if the Jets are to have to chance they will have to avoid the miscues the Ravens committed last week…maybe there run has run out!

Either way there are 3 games left in the Football Season, and while I didn’t win as much as last year, this season has been VERY profitable..188-117-6  going into this week, thats +70 bets this season, if u bet only 300 on each one, u would be ahead over $17,000 this season…no matter what happens in the last 3 games, its been a good season.

In basketball, there have been several weeks where I can’t lose, and 1 or 2 here and there when there have been set backs, and i have to re adjust…NO ONE wins every day or Every week, not even me! but still a good season so far , ahead 32 games so far , with More big bets coming this week in College hoops out here on the west coast…In fact I love the San Diego State Aztecs plus the points in Utah tonite..Basketball won BIG Monday, a 4-2 day over all..