Best Signs at ESPN Gameday at Colorado Springs

Air Force jesus

I will be in the field all day today…took a road trip to watch the Washington -UCLA game …but will have updates later tonight after the game…call me or email if you need me… here are some signs seen at ESPN Gameday Army-Air Force game.

: airforce2airforce5airforce8airforce6airforce9airforce11

here are the signs I saw

1. Air Force fixed army’s problem since 1947

2. I will find you Bzdeck

3. Me Like Planes

4. Mt cody eats corndogs for breakfast

5. BOMB Army

6.Mules cant fly – Go Falcons

7.Where are all the Girls?

8. I study Astronautical Engineering during commercial breaks

9. Corso Tench Hut

10. This is Mandatory

11.YO ! Corso_ Can I get  a night Pass?

12. Lee Corso Naked man

13 Rock Out with your Hank Out

14. How Strong? TEW strong

15 Amnesty from CORSO

16 FREE  Mad Dog- Nikki Dola Marry Me


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