Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday- Provo, Utah

BYU luvs JesusIt was all about “cougars” in Provo today- Players and old women…ESPN actually made the RARE Trip west , after using up the SEC and Big 10 coupons… I will have some more signs comin up today..thanks to Joe for sending pics..and real good turnout, with some entertaining signs, would love to hear about the one’s the sign police took away!

1. I left my wife in the Delivery room to be here

2. Desmond is Super Fly

3. Erin is a cougar

4.Corso doesnt always choose Non BCS games but when he does he prefers BYU-He is the most interesting man on Gameday

5. Kirk Im all Jacked up on Mountain Dew

6.Hey TCU in the words of Jim Rome: “goodnight Now”


8.Screwing TCU from BCS game is NOT an Honor Violation

7. Corso: Thou shalt Pick COSMO

8.I have a mancrush on Pitta

9.Dalton Dates Cougars

10 My wife is a cougar

11. Do The HAKA

12.Cougars eat FROGS for appetizers

13. Florida State was Fluke

14. My dream is to meet Lee Corso

15.Mountain West: where the Wild Things are

16. I always ask Corso on Defence

17 ESPN GamedaY is UNGAlievable

18. JoJo#26 is my Homeboy

19.T C Who?- bronco for president

20. SEND $$$ MOM


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