ESPN College GameDay Signs in Dallas

College Gamedayin Dallas

HUGE turnout in Dallas, but not many good signs on TV, Half the show was moved into the stadiums, so that didnt help, and its hard to read thru the “net” behind the stage…but there were some goodones..and Thanks to my fans on the Longhorn Cheer staff..sorry tho, I took the Sooners..this time ! what the heck is ROCKSHO check it! ??  Best signs I saw:


1. I came from Colorado in a Homemade Balloon

2. Fried Butter cures hangovers

3. Kirk , O, U , R so fine

4. Three men 4 a baby ( see above thumbnail)

5 Charlie says “Irish i was a Trojan”

6. Chicken Stoops for the Bowl Losing soul

7. Football  Jesus will Hook em!


One response to “ESPN College GameDay Signs in Dallas

  1. love your free picks john, please dont hold out if you have one

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