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Picks are Winning so much -Its SCARY!

michaelmyerss-JesusMore Free Winners! Friday nite I gave out a FREE win in NBA – to bring the run to 12-5-1 ATS since Aug 1, & 49-21-1 since June 1.–Consistently 69% or better.  The NBA bets are at 75%  ATS far this season, including 3-1 Friday nite. In College football WISCONSIN wins big over Purdue so far today…PLUS a big bet on NC State getting 10, covers at FSU-  I had to make a small play on “orange” on Halloween but Syracuse came up short..OVERALL i came up with More wins than losses on saturday- Ariz State covered vs CAL, and Texas and Tennessee won HUGE... Notable Losses- Navy and UNLV. NFL  Sunday– where I already bet one  underdog that could win outright- at worst the line is off by 6 points…


Best ESPN College GameDay Signs in Eugene


It was early on the WEST coast, but the pac 10 has sack, and had a HUGE turnout for the gameday crew: here is what I saw:

1. Lee Corso is My Father

2.Kirk Picked Utah, Cal, UCLA, and UW over Oregon

3.Im ducked up on Quack

4.these Trojans arent 99.9% effective

5.WARNING: Trojans ineffective against the spread Of-Fence

6.I love Scotch

7. Abe predicts UO beats USC by 4 Score.

8.Gameday Visits to Eugene: 4 Corvallis: 0

9.Matt Barkley reads Twilight

10. Trojans: we use them Once and we throw them away

NBA Bets Adding to my Bankroll !

barkley1More Free winners this weekend..thanks to the NBA bets winning right out of the gate , cashing 75%– I have even MORE money to get on the 3  Biggest bets of the college football season so far, I made for this weekend..BIG money bets this week in the ACC, Pac 10, BIg 10-Mountain west, Big 12 and more..after the first 8 weeks of the season , I have won money  6 weeks and lost money on two weeks. On pace to eclipse last year!


Free pick wins again !

Zorn Calls jesusMore Free winners comin this week , Another free win Monday nite with the OVER winning aby halftime..with a BIG play I already made in the Pac 10, wher the line is off by 6 points according to my numbers. I have NBA bets all week, so we can win money each day and add it to the BIGGEST bets this week in college football.

Free picks now 48-21-1 since june 1, and since football started 11-5-1, after the Monday Nite winner.


Monday Night Party at the Redskins place

redskinsMore Free winners this week!! I had a good day in the NFL Sunday, some BIG wins with Cowboys, Cardinals, Steelers,and Bengals. One bad beat on the Dolphins and a plain bad pick on the Browns.

I have a Big $ bet going Monday night and there is a Free pick. Im also looking at some Big matchups in college football this weekend, and the NBA Bets start this week…

NBA Starts up this week- Get Football Free

Obama listens to football jesus1Last year was the best ever I had in the NBA, and Im looking forward to another big season . Its LONG, but its profitable..if you can handle the day to day bets , you can make money week after week. Some dont like to bet NBA until after football , thats Ok. But the first month of the season in the NBA is a good time to get on some teams before they get road weary, or suffer injuries.  Even tho the Football List for 09 is full..If you get on the list for The NBA 2009-10 season u can get the  football picks for November- Free . Last season:

  • NBA REG season 2008-09  , my bets, 252–115 -2  ATS.
  • NBA  Finals 5-1-1 &  finishing the playoffs on an  11-2-1, ATS run…
  • There will be free picks occasionally in the NBA, this next month…

    That ‘Stache in PITT Is makin us $$

    Dave Loves jesusHow bout those Panthers!! I dont what anyone saw in South Florida, but I watched em struggle vs Cincinnati and didnt think they had a prayer in Pittsburgh. PITT covers the 6 easily and wins some Big $ for us bettors in Vegas, as the highlight of the day!

    More Big Games out west here  goin later tonite..and the Free picks – which are making everyone money…

    Free picks are now 10-4-1 this football season and 47-21-1 since June 1 . 69% FREE picks posted ..

    Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday- Provo, Utah

    BYU luvs JesusIt was all about “cougars” in Provo today- Players and old women…ESPN actually made the RARE Trip west , after using up the SEC and Big 10 coupons… I will have some more signs comin up today..thanks to Joe for sending pics..and real good turnout, with some entertaining signs, would love to hear about the one’s the sign police took away!

    1. I left my wife in the Delivery room to be here

    2. Desmond is Super Fly

    3. Erin is a cougar

    4.Corso doesnt always choose Non BCS games but when he does he prefers BYU-He is the most interesting man on Gameday

    5. Kirk Im all Jacked up on Mountain Dew

    6.Hey TCU in the words of Jim Rome: “goodnight Now”

    7. I PITTA the FOOL

    8.Screwing TCU from BCS game is NOT an Honor Violation

    7. Corso: Thou shalt Pick COSMO

    8.I have a mancrush on Pitta

    9.Dalton Dates Cougars

    10 My wife is a cougar

    11. Do The HAKA

    12.Cougars eat FROGS for appetizers

    13. Florida State was Fluke

    14. My dream is to meet Lee Corso

    15.Mountain West: where the Wild Things are

    16. I always ask Corso on Defence

    17 ESPN GamedaY is UNGAlievable

    18. JoJo#26 is my Homeboy

    19.T C Who?- bronco for president

    20. SEND $$$ MOM

    Ready for more BIG wins this week?

    Norv Turner turns to jesusMore Free winners this week! Monday I won the baseball game with Angels and Monday night I cashed in a  BIG MONEY bet in Vegas on the OVER 44 bringing this weeks NFL bets 5-2 ATS.. The Free pick on  Chargers  lost so free picks are now 10-4-1 this football season

    NBA picks  which start in 10 days.  just contact me –FREE pick for Season Win TOTAL: I bet the Clippers to have OVER 35 wins…

    More BIG plays comin up Saturday in NCAA, 2 games on the board are OFF by at TD according to my information, so if your on the football list for ’09 – we will bet these games BIG.  and 2 BIG plays in the Pac 10 .

    NFL Bets Marching on to Monday Night

    Saints Love jesus

    More Free Winners for Monday. Big Day in the NFL as my 2 Big money bets cash here in Vegas. Saints took out the Giants and the Browns covered the 14 points in Pittsburgh. I have another big money bet going Monday night for monday night football- i will text it out to all those on the Football List for ’09.

    Those on Football list are eligible for NBA picks  which starts in 10 days. Or just play the Free pick I gave out  the podcast and on Twitter. Or just contact me – free picks now 10-3-1 this football season.