Best signs at ESPN College Gameday- Happy Valley


BIG turn out  at Penn state, hell, the Wazzu flag got mentioned by Fowler…Finally got the Erin Andrews signs ,- really a mediocre selection of signs…what is ? We really never get any good signs till the show heads to the west coast where all the creativity is…maybe next week.

1. What do you call a Hawkeye’s Girlfriend? – His Sister

2. win or lose we dont live in Iowa

3. 65% of Americans cant find Iowa on a map

4. Kirk I want my thong back

5. Hey Erin I eat Pussy well ( click photo below to enlarge)

6. NITT so fast my friend

7. Tebow hurt his arm doing the “stranger”

8. Hawk EYE CHART: Iowa, WE , O, U

9. Real Man of Genius – Joe Pa

10.Erin Andrews for Heisman

11 I gave Tebow Swine Flu, but he gave me syphilis

12.Thats what SHE said ( erin)

13.Seven Straight-Penn State is NO. eight

14. Black out Today- White out Tonight

15, Ricky Stanzi listens to Hannah Montana

16. i didnt know what to write

17. Grotz is Uglyhey Erin- I eat Pussy Well

and  better phot of the “pussy” sign here: from Busted Coverage


One response to “Best signs at ESPN College Gameday- Happy Valley

  1. Ped-State….

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