Best Signs on ESPN Gameday – Austin

crabtree checkTExas Fight

WOW what a turnout ! Austin has to be one of the best colege towns in the country, and some pretty good signs this week. Still No Erin Andrews signs whats up guys get er done next week. 

here are some of the best i saw:

1. Crabtree agrees to contract with McDonalds.

2.This sign is worth more than a degree from TECH

3. Texas tech Freshman application ( coloring book)

4. Id rather be MORMON than in NORMAN

5. We dont  “freestyle”  TEXAS FIGHT

6. Kanye likes Beyonce’s sign  better

7. Chuck Norris asks Colt McCoy for advice

8. All time 43-15. What Rivalry?

9. Mike Leach watches Desparate Housewives

10.  Harrell CFL, Crabtree MIA

11.Yo Tech, Im really happy for you I’Mma let you finish but TEXAS has the best team of ALL TIME

12 .Matthew Porter could Cover Crabtree

13.Whers my NAVAJOS at?

14. Sergio Kindle is my DD

15.Get well jack

16. Colt McCoy is doing work.

17. ( McCoy) bring back the STACHE

18. air fare $99, Tcikets $300, another FOWLER “O” face ? =Priceless

19 Texas 55-10 TT , “i dreamed it in my head ”

20.Is Tech even Ranked ? NOPE


One response to “Best Signs on ESPN Gameday – Austin

  1. You forgot to add “Even Lou Holtz Could Graduate From Tech”

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