Best Signs Seen on ESPN College Gameday- Columbus

football jesusonGameday

Thanks for the SHOUT OUT, from the Football jesus Faithful in Columbus, But you guys do not play in a HORSESHOE !  It may HAVE been a horseshoe but not anymore,  The Big 10 is so hung up on making mistakes. Your conference has 11 teams NOT 10. Michigan is NOT in the “west” like their song says.. I would have like to have seen some Erin Andrews signs , she was on “Oprah ”  Friday and not ONE SIGN IN Columbus ? Come on you fans out there , lets get some creative signs about Erin NEXT WEEK. I saw a sign for “365 Fantasy Sports” good plug guys…someone had ” i love you Susan ” and there was rogue “roll tide”

here is the best of what I saw:

1. TroJans Can’t Cover Deez NUTS

2. I can find better Trojans at Wal-Mart

3.Matt Barkley wears a Huggie

4. Pete Carroll wears a Snuggie

5. Please win

6. Helen Keller is Lou Holtz’s translator

7. Mark may is STILL bitter ( ohio state beat pitt 4 years in a row 93-96)

8. Bust a NUT on Trojans – Go Bucks

9.Sweet Glasses Mark May

10. Brutus NUTS rip Trojans


12 Vest vs be-SC-t

13. Barkley Just Peed his Pants

14. Join the club- Jo Pa

15. Free Clarrett- Take Blount

16 USC BRO-Jans

17. Tea-Blow

18 Matt  Barkley is the Bonus Jonas

19 . These are’nt the onlpy trojans being pounded tonite

20. Put me On TV


2 responses to “Best Signs Seen on ESPN College Gameday- Columbus

  1. If you had any idea how much hell I had to go through to be out there with my sign… I’ll be writing about it this week in my blog. If anyone has any shots of the crowd with my sign, I’d love a copy. Thanks!


    Check this out Mr. Football Jesus. Not too often you see dot com signs (or any other business signs) on College Gameday. Feel free to post any of the images. 🙂

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