Best Signs on ESPN College Gameday- Atlanta

photo (7)Brand new season! Not much creativity, probably because it was at a neutral site. GUYS  where were the ERIN ANDREWS signs ?? Come on you misseda  GREAT opportunity and could have some WILD ones ! At least i didn’t see any. Plenty of WAZZU flags , I saw SHAME-U .com was back , lots of Frank The tank, and Roll tide..and a shout out to the Rick and Bubba show



here are the best I saw so far…

1. LeGarrette Blount PUNCHED my other sign

2.Kirk I want to be your Cougar

3 Almost Competitive Conference

4.VA Tech ACC Champs- so easy a caveman could do it

5.Hey Sively -Hows the Couch?

6.Tebow’s worst case SCenerio

7. Southern fried Hokie tonite

8. I dont know what a hokie is but GOD is one of them

9. Julio Jones sits when he pees

10. My Middle name is BRYANT for a reason


12. will charlie weis EAT notre dames season AGAIN ?

13. There a New Dirty Bird in ATL

14. Nick Saban speaks russian in French

15 Salsa Boy get down

16. Support Gay  marriage ( Tebow and Urban)



One response to “Best Signs on ESPN College Gameday- Atlanta

  1. was there, friends and i had three… one got taken

    Got Books?
    Bama players get stimulus money
    Erin Andrews gave me a virus (taken)

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