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More Free winners this week

FootballJesus picked the cowboys

The FREE  Pick streak continues ! Free picks are now 8-2-1 ATS since Aug 1, and 45-19-1 since June 1. Thanks to the Cowboys covering the points on Monday Night.  Last week football bets went 11-4 ATS, Including 7-2 In College Football. This week I already  Bet for saturday.. there are 2 games where the line is OFF by 6 points,  just like Oregon last week..

Monday Night Football- Whats Up Jerry?

Jerry says Call FBJMore Free winners on Monday Nights! Sunday was a winning day in the NFL, I bet Vikings who lost, But had 2 wins with Jaguars winning OUTRIGHT and Chargers over Dolphins. A 2-1 day , and a 9-3 week so far. Next week will be even better. TWO  college teams are in REALLY GOOD spots for blowout wins..

I have a BIG MONEY bet on Monday Night, for those on the Football List ’09 or there is a FREE pick. Free picks are now on a 7-2-1  run since 8/1 and 44-19-1 since June 1.

I OWN the Pac 10…Big wins Sat

OregonDuck-jesus1BIG winners again today,Thursday we won on South Carolina,  No play on the Friday game, SAT BIG $ winning bet early with WISCONSIN over Michigan state , I lost on Cincinnati,  But a BIG afternoon with Wyoming winning OUTRIGHTas a dog over UNLV..& more BIG $$ wins on the Virginia TECH another DOG winning outright…OREGON DUCKS winning straight up over #6 Cal Bears–so far 5-1 this week–I made some BIG bets for the NFL and there is a FREE pick in NFL.

Best signs at ESPN College Gameday- Happy Valley


BIG turn out  at Penn state, hell, the Wazzu flag got mentioned by Fowler…Finally got the Erin Andrews signs ,- really a mediocre selection of signs…what is ? We really never get any good signs till the show heads to the west coast where all the creativity is…maybe next week.

1. What do you call a Hawkeye’s Girlfriend? – His Sister

2. win or lose we dont live in Iowa

3. 65% of Americans cant find Iowa on a map

4. Kirk I want my thong back

5. Hey Erin I eat Pussy well ( click photo below to enlarge)

6. NITT so fast my friend

7. Tebow hurt his arm doing the “stranger”

8. Hawk EYE CHART: Iowa, WE , O, U

9. Real Man of Genius – Joe Pa

10.Erin Andrews for Heisman

11 I gave Tebow Swine Flu, but he gave me syphilis

12.Thats what SHE said ( erin)

13.Seven Straight-Penn State is NO. eight

14. Black out Today- White out Tonight

15, Ricky Stanzi listens to Hannah Montana

16. i didnt know what to write

17. Grotz is Uglyhey Erin- I eat Pussy Well

and  better phot of the “pussy” sign here: from Busted Coverage

MY Bets are Tailgate approved

tailgate approvedMore FREE winners!if you checked out the podcast i did with WUOG in Athens we talked plenty of College Football and if you took my reccomendation  and bet the Gamecocks over Ole Miss..

podcast is here: ,

Another FREE winner on Monday Night!

peyton manning thanks JesusMore Free Winners ! Everyone who followed on twittter or listened to the Radio show Sat. got another FREE winner on Monday night with the OVER 41 in MNF. Free picks are now on a 7-2-1  run since 8/1 and 44-19-1 since June 1.

 Last week in college football  the plays went 6-2-ATS, 15-10 ATS this season , if your on the footbal list ’09 you will get em by text

Rough week Pete? U should have called me!

Pete Calls JesusMore Free winners this week including Monday Night Football – last week I gave you a win on the Raiders , this week I will have another free win for COLTS-DOLPHINS …

Free picks are currently 6-2-1 since 8/1 and 43-19-1 since 6/1, so let’s cash another one this week.

anyone who needs the Free pick, just contact me …

NFL WEEK 2 – Waitin all week for NFL

nbc nflGREAT week this week, 6-2 so far on my big $ bets, since thurs. TWO weeks in a row i gave you the  BIGGEST UPSET OUTRIGHT winner in college football– Ucla last week U-DUB over USC this week..My info is so good that we never lose 2 weeks in a row in football. Saturday I cashed in on WASH, CLEM, FLA st, Marshall, PITT, and only lost on Va Tech and the free pick ORE st.Overall BIG $ bets went 5-2.6-2 this week

If you are on the football list I will text you the plays I made in Vegas

BIG time win for U-DUB and Me in vegas!


Wow what a great day! the huskies are BACK on top of the PAC 10, now that we got rid of Tyrone , husky stadium has become the “sark tank” !! Big wins at the sportsbook for me on Clemson and UW over USC , I lost on Virginia Tech, tho , but  Florida state , Marshall,and Pitt are still going, and lets root home that free pick in Corvallis..

SARK (2)UW-Jesus

Best Signs on ESPN Gameday – Austin

crabtree checkTExas Fight

WOW what a turnout ! Austin has to be one of the best colege towns in the country, and some pretty good signs this week. Still No Erin Andrews signs whats up guys get er done next week. 

here are some of the best i saw:

1. Crabtree agrees to contract with McDonalds.

2.This sign is worth more than a degree from TECH

3. Texas tech Freshman application ( coloring book)

4. Id rather be MORMON than in NORMAN

5. We dont  “freestyle”  TEXAS FIGHT

6. Kanye likes Beyonce’s sign  better

7. Chuck Norris asks Colt McCoy for advice

8. All time 43-15. What Rivalry?

9. Mike Leach watches Desparate Housewives

10.  Harrell CFL, Crabtree MIA

11.Yo Tech, Im really happy for you I’Mma let you finish but TEXAS has the best team of ALL TIME

12 .Matthew Porter could Cover Crabtree

13.Whers my NAVAJOS at?

14. Sergio Kindle is my DD

15.Get well jack

16. Colt McCoy is doing work.

17. ( McCoy) bring back the STACHE

18. air fare $99, Tcikets $300, another FOWLER “O” face ? =Priceless

19 Texas 55-10 TT , “i dreamed it in my head ”

20.Is Tech even Ranked ? NOPE