I Gave you the Final Four For Free


AS the games get bigger I always get the best info, and I bet BIGGER-  I  gave you wins- in the Bowl Games,  NFL Playoffs, Superbowl, ,and YES -the Final Four, just like last year, everyone who came here, or called me got winners, I posted both Picks on Twitter for free, including North Carolina -7last wednesday, and everyone got another FREE winner ATS. I got great last minute info direct from my guys in detroit on Michigan State, who won straight up. 

EDIT Monday Update: Sunday had  big wins on the Mavs and the Jazz  in the NBA,. I can’t post em everyday, im just too busy getting good information, so call me if you are one of the serious bettors. The NBA plays are 231-105-2 on the season, and 23-9-1 since March 25th. Lets have a good spring!

EDIT  Tuesday Update: I gave you the NCAA champ Carolina on Twitter, 3-0 in Final four. Get on the list for picks! here is the post , still on twitter:

One response to “I Gave you the Final Four For Free

  1. Great Job Jesus. We were all over UNC too. I can’t believe all the suckers that bought into the Michigan State hype. Lets keep cashing, time for baseball

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