Daily Archives: February 1, 2009

I own The Super Bowl

havefaith-in-fball-jesustFREE winners for everyone!I just capped off the the BEST winning season ever in football, winning  over 69% ATS  overall, the Super Bowl wins, in addition to numerous PROP prop bets, that I shared them with everyone, right here, giving you all the Cardinals and OVER, a week ago, all TOTAL 8 winning bets GIVEN for free,  I also posted these winners right here:

NO overtime, WINS

Edgarin James First Rush -130, to be UNDER 3 yards, WINS

Longest FG for either Team LESS than 44.5 yards. WINS

Steelers moneyline -220,  WINS

Anquan Bouldin catch more than 5.5 passes, WINS

Heath Miller, Over 3.5 passes caught WINS

footballjesusownsthe-spreadNO I didn’t have a “50000 unit nfl lock”  ” CEO  50 dime Play” That is all BS , and they usually lose, Every BIG game played this past season, I stepped up and won em, AFC & NFC championships, Rose Bowl, BCS championship, Sunday & Monday Nights( 44-20) -I came through. 10-6 in NFL playoffs,  the Bowls went  29-10 , The season record on my bets in football was 275-153-13, in basketball so far its 142-64-2.  In the past TWO weeks,  I have posted  13 FREE winners, 2  losses right here, scroll down and see em,  Bettors can still contact me for private plays, its been a long season and Im taking time off from posting here.  Just wait till you see what I do in March!