Super Weekend is Here

berman231 3-0 in the Pac 10 Thursday-It’s a Super Feast for bettors this weekend, Sides, totals, props, I’ve got em all covered and you can get the whole list, I have posted several of em here, but you can get more, just let me know. Whats with Obama loving the Steelers? He is from Chicago, Oh I forgot , McCain is from Arizona, and they didnt vote for him, so I guess, thats it. And why all the whining about disrespecting the Terrible Towl? LOL, its a towel, not a flag, and by name it is terrible!  So who cares?  The Cardinals have been stomped on for years, and no no one cared, but they care about a towel? BTW…the reason there are not may fans in Tampa from Phoenix, YET, is because they have  jobs and a nice place to live, unlike Pittsburgh.

arizona-jesusThree winners Thursday in the Pac 10!   Wazzu  wins outright over ASU, No,  it wasnt a ” an Inside info pac ten Power Play of the year” If you know the western teams, and I do, Its just another solid winner, along with Stanford +6 and UCLA !  My Pac 10 record is now 11-3-1, I have more Pac 10 winners saturday and NBA winners Friday- at


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