Pac 10 Thursday

jesus-uw1MORE Free Winners Thursday!  My Pac 10- plays are unmatched ! 8-3-1 so far this season, and Thursday I have THREE  good ones and a bonus in the NBA , Wednesday I bet  the  Knicks, Mavs  & 76ers , 3-0, while the free play on Duke lost, but the free picks are still 4-1 , just scroll down and see for yourself, overall the basketball record this season is over 68%.

I also have some KEY Super Bowl Props you can bet for this Sunday, Email or call , if you are serious bettor, don’t bet the Super Bowl or the Pac 10 tonite without the information I have. FREE Super Bowl Props: back from Injury, watch Anquan Bouldin catch more than 5.5 passes.  I think the Steelers wont have any choice but to go to their Tight end, Heath Miller, Over 3.5 passes caught.Free NBA Play : Suns.



One response to “Pac 10 Thursday

  1. rememeber me? I called and got your plays during the the bowl games, and man, you are the best , I can bet baskteball now, so i will call you, good job, BTW where can i make prop bets?

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