Got YOUR Gameplan?

wizjesus12Media day ! It didn’t seem the same without any animated players like T.O, or Deion Sanders, the players have gotten really bland, they need to let all the fans in , with signs and costumes , make it an autograph session as well, it just seems more like a press conference-which I guess it is…Wednesday they will get their game plans in place, have you got Yours? There are several ways to win on the Super Bowl, and have a good time, I have several bets on this game, and I can go over what works for you, doesn’t matter who you are rooting for, if you want to cash in, call me .

warnerjesus I have basketball Wednesday I have plays in the NBA and in the Mountain West, email , and you can get on the list to get my plays everyday, and thats a game plan for winning! Free Play on Wednesday : DUKE.


One response to “Got YOUR Gameplan?

  1. I would like to get your picks everyday, please email me , so we can discuss

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