Super Bowl Week


Its finally here, Super  Week! The final preparations are being made, we will hear every argument for each side, every break down of each strength and weakness, and none of it will matter! remember that this is just another football game, and it certainly wont be one of my biggest bets of  the year, those are already done and won, –This is a game to have to fun with so DO NOT bet it large!  The bet I made on the side of this Super Bowl, is much smaller than the NFC  & AFC championship bets I made. Those TWO bets are done and won.

 I will have numerous proposition bets here in vegas, that i will talk about all week, if you want my PERSONAL bets on these, send me an email,, whether you like to Steelers or Cardinals, either have a great chance to win, there are prop wagers that will add to your enjoyment of the game .

Oh and if you are a serious bettor, I  have a SOLID bet in the NBA Monday. Or  The Free Play is Marquette.


2 responses to “Super Bowl Week

  1. your picks look good , how do i get them sent to me , can you please email me the info

  2. hey jesus, can i get some of your super Bowl prop bets ? and who is the Big play for tonite in the NBA ? I am serious, I bet everyday too.

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