Swear me in ! I’m rolling in Hoops.

bushobam1MORE Free winners! Last Night I gave everyone the LAKERS-5, and they rolled over the Cavs, it was a great spot for the Lakers to be focused and give the wounded cavs some payback ! Thats 6 straight bets won, two 3-0 days in row. I have more good bets for Tuesday, FREE plays everyday, email myfootballjesus@yahoo.com, I wont win  EVERY game, but if you want to be ahead at the end of the week, call me .

Basketball plays are running at 69% this season, overall. I only bet  1 or 2 a day, but thats all you need to win consistently, Don’t be a slave to bad bets! Get on the soul train now,   I will keep you in the black ! Dont sit at the back of the bus, call me and get a front row seat, and I will give you the change you can belive in!


I promise, No game of the year or  ridiculous 100 star play, or some CEO betting 25 dimes, .Just good info as always.



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