Super Bowl Propositions


NO, I have NOT Picked a side ATS for the Super Bowl. YET- I will though! However, People keep asking me about betting the Super Bowl Propositions. YES I do bet some, You can always find value.  But keep in mind that all propositions are designed to pay less than they should, so there are some to stay away from,  and dont bet too much on any of them- Remember when you bet something that is contrary to the team’s primary objective, you put your money at greater risk.  Call me for further details, but keep it in mind, and stay away from bets that do not last the whole game, like who will who will score the first TD, etc, you could find yourself with a stack of losing bets before the 2nd quarter. I did Bet one Proposition so far , the  OVER 46  total points scored in the game .

 Right now I am still winning basketball bets everyday, Like the T-Wolves +8 in the NBA Tuesday.everyone who contacted me Tuesday for the weekly picks, got em for FREE.  More Basketball bets Wednesday & Thursday and Free plays everyday! I have a bet in College Hoops and the NBA , call or email


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