On to the Super Bowl ! $$

warnerjesus21Way To GO Arizona!! I only told you all a week ago, with my biggest bet in the NFL , in the last  6 weeks. The Cardinals, as a HOME DOG ! (?) Still there are doubters!  I will make you a believer one way or another. NO I don’t win 100% , sorry, but I will have the best bet every time. I  cant tell you how much crap Iget emailed to me by small timers every week, This past week it was all bout their prejudice against west coast teams they NEVER see. They just cling to their tried and tru favs, like Philly. They have been the frauds  -the lucky ones the last month, backing into the playoffs  .The Cardinals D is real, and has now shut down 3  good teams in a row. Most real football betting experts could see this . ( not TV talkin heads who dont bet ,  )  If you want good information, call me , I have it everyday, !

And I wont give you a 30,000 unit LOCK ! Who does this ? thats a $3 million bet for  $100 bettor! Yet, someone told people to do that!


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