Maybe These “experts ” will shut up Now

Arizona is the Real Deal!  They can go all the way to Tampa! I saw  it coming as I bet the Cardinals +10,  and got +400 on the Moneyline at the Hilton,

For some reason, these clowns on showtime and Fox , didnt get the memo,  I told everyone who called me for a week that the Cardinals were the right side.  I gave it to everyone who called me- FOR FREE, The Cards  were tired of hearing they cant win on the east coast and they PROVED IT!


Yes I played the Titans as well, they dominated that game and screwed it up, BUT on to Sunday, where I bet BOTH Games and You can get em   by calling me or email

 My NFL bets are 26-14 -1 ATS since Dec 1. 65% , and with the Bowl Games , an overall  run of  70% ATS ..

No “Lock  of  the year ” Sunday, just good information you can win with -I also have a Bonus Bet in the NBA !  I added 2 more saturday night.


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