NFL Playoffs 3-0 so far

FREE winner when you call me , I smoked the book Saturday with a 3-0 ATS  in the NFL playoffs, and I have  more winners today, The last FIVE days my football bets are 17-3 . Really , I’m amazed at myself too, and I’m in the zone, I posted the Chargers bet here before the game , so you all should have won that easy.

BUT what is up with Arizona fans? – they dont deserve a team or a stadium, if they can’t sell out a play-off game !  Phoenix fans are THE WORST in the NFL, Vikings # 2, if you cant support your team, let the team GO. And why dont they open the roof in Phoenix? suppose it was too hot again. and Thank god we dont have to see the nedia drool over Payton Manning anymore, the media can go back to fawning over Obama .

Email me at , I wont give you hyped up game of the year or 50 dime LOCK , ( im sure someone has one)  But will get you good information, I am not a service, but a good consultant and will help you win too. –if you know what you are doing , i have a bonus winner  in the NBA tonite.


One response to “NFL Playoffs 3-0 so far

  1. Having a dome in Minnesota takes away the Viking’s home field advantage. It was 2 degrees with a wind chill of -17 at kickoff. The Eagles got to play in 72 degree conditions. This is the biggest reason why the Eagles won.

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