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Super Sunday

football-jesus-trophy21Boo-Ya! Big day Sunday, we have the NBA undercard, and the big ticket later, I have several prop bets I have covered in the past week, here , and no matter who wins, I should have a good day overall, Its going to fun to see all the “experts” on Tv all day making predictions sure to go wrong, and who will be “Going to Disneyworld” after the game?

I give  free winners everyday, the last 7 are 5-2 posted right here, they speak for themselves. Email, for the best prop bets to make, and winners in basketball today , lets have a super dfans-luvay!  >

Top Dogs in the Pac Ten – Easy Winner

U-Dub wins easy , I gave em to you early today in the post below, Glad everyone won! The Huskies are the best overall team in the team in the PAC, they have played everyone at least once and beaten UCLA and ASU. My Pac 10- plays cant be beat!!

Countdown To Super Sunday

Here is an EASY winning prop for the Super Bowl- I already have the Cardinals plus the points, so I also Bet NO OVERTIME. there is no way I can lose, and there hasn’t been overtime in the Super Bowl EVER, So that is an easy one.  I also have Edgarin James First Rush -130, to be UNDER 3 yards, Longest FG for either Team LESS than 44.5 yards. Now I have the Cardinals at +550 to win the game , if the line money line drops further, Sunday if I want to, I can bet the Steelers moneyline -220,  or less, to guarantee  I break even , or win $2,000 ! Oh and the f ree play in College Hoops : Washington Huskies, Friday Night I won on the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA, and I have TWO more winners tonite , just email for the entire superbowl props list of bets i made, and winning basketball late plays, at

Super Weekend is Here

berman231 3-0 in the Pac 10 Thursday-It’s a Super Feast for bettors this weekend, Sides, totals, props, I’ve got em all covered and you can get the whole list, I have posted several of em here, but you can get more, just let me know. Whats with Obama loving the Steelers? He is from Chicago, Oh I forgot , McCain is from Arizona, and they didnt vote for him, so I guess, thats it. And why all the whining about disrespecting the Terrible Towl? LOL, its a towel, not a flag, and by name it is terrible!  So who cares?  The Cardinals have been stomped on for years, and no no one cared, but they care about a towel? BTW…the reason there are not may fans in Tampa from Phoenix, YET, is because they have  jobs and a nice place to live, unlike Pittsburgh.

arizona-jesusThree winners Thursday in the Pac 10!   Wazzu  wins outright over ASU, No,  it wasnt a ” an Inside info pac ten Power Play of the year” If you know the western teams, and I do, Its just another solid winner, along with Stanford +6 and UCLA !  My Pac 10 record is now 11-3-1, I have more Pac 10 winners saturday and NBA winners Friday- at

Pac 10 Thursday

jesus-uw1MORE Free Winners Thursday!  My Pac 10- plays are unmatched ! 8-3-1 so far this season, and Thursday I have THREE  good ones and a bonus in the NBA , Wednesday I bet  the  Knicks, Mavs  & 76ers , 3-0, while the free play on Duke lost, but the free picks are still 4-1 , just scroll down and see for yourself, overall the basketball record this season is over 68%.

I also have some KEY Super Bowl Props you can bet for this Sunday, Email or call , if you are serious bettor, don’t bet the Super Bowl or the Pac 10 tonite without the information I have. FREE Super Bowl Props: back from Injury, watch Anquan Bouldin catch more than 5.5 passes.  I think the Steelers wont have any choice but to go to their Tight end, Heath Miller, Over 3.5 passes caught.Free NBA Play : Suns.


Got YOUR Gameplan?

wizjesus12Media day ! It didn’t seem the same without any animated players like T.O, or Deion Sanders, the players have gotten really bland, they need to let all the fans in , with signs and costumes , make it an autograph session as well, it just seems more like a press conference-which I guess it is…Wednesday they will get their game plans in place, have you got Yours? There are several ways to win on the Super Bowl, and have a good time, I have several bets on this game, and I can go over what works for you, doesn’t matter who you are rooting for, if you want to cash in, call me .

warnerjesus I have basketball Wednesday I have plays in the NBA and in the Mountain West, email , and you can get on the list to get my plays everyday, and thats a game plan for winning! Free Play on Wednesday : DUKE.

Super Media day

azjesu4sBoth Teams arrived in Tampa Monday! Ready for Media day Tuesday, and thanks to the Football Jesus Faithful! If you are in Tampa, I’m looking for your signs on TV , you get a month of Free Picks if they get on TV. Lost of different  prop bets for the Super Bowl , are turning up, If you like the Steelers straight up at -230.

If you want to win TODAY, then get my basketball bets, Monday I gave you Marquette, posted here monday so EVERYONE could win, and almost 500 of people came here and got a freebie. For Serious bettors I gave them my bet on Oklahoma City in the NBA, winning easy. Get Tuesday’s play at

Super Bowl Week


Its finally here, Super  Week! The final preparations are being made, we will hear every argument for each side, every break down of each strength and weakness, and none of it will matter! remember that this is just another football game, and it certainly wont be one of my biggest bets of  the year, those are already done and won, –This is a game to have to fun with so DO NOT bet it large!  The bet I made on the side of this Super Bowl, is much smaller than the NFC  & AFC championship bets I made. Those TWO bets are done and won.

 I will have numerous proposition bets here in vegas, that i will talk about all week, if you want my PERSONAL bets on these, send me an email,, whether you like to Steelers or Cardinals, either have a great chance to win, there are prop wagers that will add to your enjoyment of the game .

Oh and if you are a serious bettor, I  have a SOLID bet in the NBA Monday. Or  The Free Play is Marquette.

Beaver Believer

greg-robinsonI do own the  Pac 10! Actually I just get good information. Since my sources told me about Greg Robinsons motivational tactics , for the beavers , and how they are really playing well for him , I have not stopped betting the Beavs, and they are underdogs in every game. Why would anyone take Stanford in that game Saturday Night? If you have done the homework on Stanford, you would never lay 16 points, I told you all who called, That line was off by 10 points, according to my info, and that is WHY I gave it to you for FREE, in the post below, so everyone could win!  2-1 In the Pac -10 saturday, wazzu blew it in final minutes , BUT winning bets everyday, just email .

New Leaders of the Pac!

uwhoops-14Washington Huskies are the Top Dogs Now!  Any Doubters should be gone now , that U-Dub wiped out UCLA and USC this week. Everyone who called me got the HUSKIES -2 for FREE, and another solid win in the Pac Ten , where my bets are smokin right now!  I have another FREE play tonight on Oregon State +points.

 No ” Power Play  of the year”  or silly 100 star GOY, ( what does that mean?? ), If you are serious and want to win , just email ,