Christmas Winners- I believe I Have Them !

football-santaMONDAY FREE winner! I had the Sunday Night Football  Winner in the New Orleans Bowl Southern Miss+5 wins outright!!  AND THE over 54 comes in , also had a play on on the Panthers +4   Overall  4-2 day Sunday , and 4-1 Saturday I will take it!! , 

 STILL time to get on the Christmas Bowl list, ALL the football thru Jan 8th! and Get  Mondays Winner FREE- Call me  or Email, . MY Monday Night record this season is 26-12, so don’t make the wrong bet. This years Bowls are 5-1 ATS , so far , with Sunday night’s side and total winner.

Last Year my Bowl record was 18-8-1 ATS , I posted each winner here before the games , and they are still in the archive here. Including 6-0 on New Years Day.

I have No “Bowl Game of the year” or  “2500 star Bowl Lock of the year”  , Just consistent wins , and If you are  a Serious Bettor, I have a BONUS win for you in the NBA.   MERRY CHRISTMAS! Get your name on the Nice list, and get the winners from me!


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