Monday Night in Philly, Its always Sunny!

philly-footballjesusMore Free Winners for Monday Night! Sunday Night I gave out the Cowboys-3 FREE, to all those who called me, The three underdogs I told you about -ALSO  won, Buccs, Texans, Bills, and  according to sources  the picks were even posted elsewhere on the web, so everybody won!! Other bets  included a loss with the Ravens , and push on the Rams.  BUT I love Mondays!!  My Monday Night record this season is 25-11, sides and totals.

Contact me at and get Monday’s free winner, and the rest of the football plays this whole season, texted right to your phone! 34 Bowls Start this Saturday, get all the winners! 

If you need to win on Monday, then call me , I will never have  a “100 star game of the year” But according to my info, the point spread is off by 6 points.  I may have a BONUS bet for serious bettors in the NBA.


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